Gladinet Cloud Desktop Beta Released

The soft release has been going on for a while now, build 37, 41 has been given to partners to try out. Today, build 44 is uploaded to the gladinet web site and it is available.

What is new:
(1) The beta software now runs in two different mode - stand-alone mode or standard mode. Out of box, it is stand-alone mode. no registration is required.

(2) ~ 500 changes/fixes went in between Tech Preview 2 binary and Beta 2.


Alumni said…
what i don't like:
-the presentations are exported as zipped html files
-the pdf files have no extension
-i have openoffice so it would be nice to be able to choose the exported format
ysamjo said…
looks nice so far
1) why you don't support GMail as storage provider? 7GB are huge.

2) why you doesn't support Google Docs for Google Apps? It should be the same infrastructure.
devoox said…

We are speaking about your website here:

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