Gladinet Cloud Desktop Beta

The Gladinet Client as it was in Tech Preview has been renamed to Gladinet Cloud Desktop. So the product name will be Gladinet Cloud Desktop going forward. The idea is to deliver and integrate cloud services to your desktop; or cloud-enable your desktop. The clouds could be as big as the Amazon S3 cloud or as small as your personal cloud. We are fulfilling the vision of the internet is the computer with the release of the Gladinet Cloud Desktop.

We are having the pre-beta build The test run is looking good for build 37. One of the potential partner will take an early look at this build today.

More testing and fixing will happen in the next 4 days. The final build (#38) will happen on Sunday (11/17/2008).

It has been a long road since Tech Preview 2 (build The last number of the version is the source control change number. This means an additional 400 changes went in for Beta.

Beta is good. However beta is not version 1 release yet. Still has some way to go to drive it to release quality.


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