Desktop Sync to GDrive (Google Docs) and SkyDrive All at Once

I wish there is a desktop folder that is connected to both Google Docs and SkyDrive. Whenever there is new content in the folder, the new bits and pieces will be synced to both Google Docs and SkyDrive.

It can be a backup folder with two destinations in Google Docs and SkyDrive.

It can also be a online repository that is RAID 1 across Google Docs and SkyDrive. If one is down temporarily, you can still reach to your documents from the other.

It is a Dropbox like functionality based on both Google Docs and SkyDrive.

Sounds interesting? read on …

Step 1: you will need to create the special folder first. You can put it anywhere, such as on the desktop (My GDocs_SkyDrive Dropbox).


Step 2: you will create a backup task (backup folder) using the Gladinet Cloud Desktop.

Step 3: select the special desktop folder that you have created.

Step 4: now select both SkyDrive and Google Docs as destinations.

Step 5: finish
By default, the backup task will start immediately and it will continue to monitor the folder for changes.

Now, anything you put into the My GDocs_SkyDrive Dropbox folder will be synced to both Google Docs and SkyDrive.


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