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s3logoIn a recent Amazon S3 blog, it is reported that Amazon S3 has reached 905 billion objects. As usual, we will plot the new number together with its historical numbers and see the trend line.
Worked out the math, it takes Amazon S3 247 days to double. So it doubles every 8 months.
We have been following it for a while and it is almost like a broken record now. Congratulations to the growth of S3 and the validation of cloud storage market.
This article will now discuss more about its Compatibles.
As a recent development, Amazon and Eucalyptus teamed up to allow Eucalyptus to use its “API” and Eucalyptus has been compatible with AWS for quite a long time.
There are many other S3 compatibles implementations out there in the market. To name a few, Google Cloud Storage started with S3 compatible before moving into version 2 of the API; Scality and Mezeo provide S3 compatible APIs for their storage system. If you search for “S3 compatible” on the Internet, you may be finding a lot more.
Gladinet Cloud is a value-add layer on top of cloud storage service systems, providing functionalities such as device connectivity (from PC, Server, Web Browser, Mobile devices and Mac*), backup functionalities, synchronization and sharing features and user management. We summarized these values as the BASIC cloud storage use case. (Backup, Access, Sync & Share, Identity, Control & Collaboration) . You can check out these videos for the features.
Gladinet Cloud can also be white-labeled and hosted by partners, close to where the cloud storage service is. And Gladinet Cloud supports Amazon S3 Compatible services as its storage backend.
If you sign up for the Team Edition, you will see the “Amazon S3 Compatible” drop down option under the “Plugin my own cloud storage account” radio button.
Amazon S3 Compatible support is also in the professional edition when you connect directly to the cloud storage services.
The support of Amazon S3 Compatible cloud storage services makes it easy for people to use these systems from the ease of their desktop, web browser and other devices.
*Mac – Mac Client coming May 2012.

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