Gladinet Cloud New Feature Updates

new_gladinetGladinet is doing agile software development. Every week, there is some enhancements on the Gladinet Cloud (which doesn’t require client binary software download). Every month, there will be some enhancements on the client binaries that you can download and use.

This article will document some of the new features in the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition.

Start of Group Policy – In the Cloud

When you  have a team of users that are using the same Gladinet Cloud service and share the team work space, you would like to be able to set a bunch of settings for each of the individual users. In the old LAN (Local Area Network) environment, it was the user policy and group policy that we are familiar with.

Now with Cloud Storage and Web based browser and management, it is also possible to set the settings for the users. Starting this week, you will see the policy settings appear in the Gladinet Cloud Web Management front. Over time, you will see more and more settings coming into Group Policy.


Distributed File Locking

A common feature requested in the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition, is the ability to lock a file when a contributor is editing it locally. Now as part of the Group Policy settings, you can enable distributed locking on team folders.



Active Directory Integration

Active directory support isn’t a new feature. However, the level it is supported has been enhanced week after week.

Among the Gladinet Team Edition users, a common theme is to migrate from local file server to a web-based/cloud-based file sharing solution. During the migration, it is highly desirable that the users got migrated seamlessly and the file server shares got migrated seamlessly too.

When you have Cloud Server installed locally in your active directory domain. You can use it as an authentication server to get the users over to the cloud storage solution.


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