Android Client v2.0 for Gladinet Cloud

android1This week Gladinet Cloud Android Client version 2.0 was released. Earlier this month, Gladinet Cloud iOS 2.0 application was released. Now Android application is released. The iOS client and Android client are on the same release schedule and often you will see them got released one after another. The Android client will work for Gladinet Cloud Personal, Team, Business, Enterprise and Service Provider Editions.

In the new version 2.0 client, there are quite many new features added, such as the ability to share files and folders from the device directly and the ability to upload files and sync folders.

Sharing from Device

In the version 2.0 application, you can send folder or file as link to external users or to the “Files shared with me” folder for users in the same team.


File Operations

The 2.0 client has more file operations available, such as file upload/download, rename, delete and sharing.


Synchronization Folder

One of the most important enhancement in android application is the synchronization folder. For example, you can synchronize the camera folder to cloud. This makes it a lot easier to send pictures to your Gladinet Cloud account.


Next Step

Please visit and sign up for a Gladinet Cloud account to try it out.


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