Move File Server Storage to Cloud

Here is a very common use case, as we received a lead from a potential customer:

“We are a small company and we want to evaluate moving out file server storage to the cloud. We are evaluating Amazon S3 as a solution and already have some storage configured.  Currently we have 3-4 file servers each with around 2-3TB data.

I would like to keep the changes to the users as small as possible (i.e. keep Windows Explorer as main interface).”

As we summarize this requirement:

  1. Customer wants to move local file server to cloud (Amazon S3)  
  2. Customer wants to keep the same user interface (Windows Explorer)


The Gladinet Cloud Team Edition and the included Gladinet Cloud File Server Agent is built for this use case.

Requirement #1 – Amazon S3 connectivity

Gladinet Cloud Team Edition is open for Cloud Storage Account integration. You can bring your own storage to plug-it-into your own Gladinet account.


Requirement #2 – Move Local File Server

Gladinet Team Edition has the Gladinet Cloud File Server Agent software included. With the File Server Agent, you can maintain two-way sync between the local file server and the cloud until you want to remove the local file server. You can also turn the local file server into a cache-only Cloud Storage Gateway.


Requirement  #3 – Maintain Existing User Interface

After the files are moved to the cloud, you can continue to use the local file server as it is and let the server agent sync your data.

You can also download the Gladinet Cloud Windows Client and other clients so you can access the files from windows explorer.

Next Step

Go to and sign up for a Team Edition account to try it yourself.


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