Happy New Year 2015

Happy new year 2015!

As we are in 2015 and look back to year 2014, Gladinet Cloud Enterprise made pretty big progress toward enterprise grade. It is becoming more and more of an enterprise file sync and share solution, driven by enterprises that had adopted the solution. Some enterprises that had adopted Gladinet Cloud Enterprise have more than 50,000 users that are active on the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise system.

List of Major Changes in 2014

Here is a list of changes in 2014 that drives the product toward enterprise adoption

  • Support AD forest (with multiple Active Directory)
  • Auto client upgrade
  • Pass enterprise security scan
  • More Group Policy to control produce behavior
  • Enhanced OpenStack support (more and more enterprise are using OpenStack)
  • Enhance Audit Trace and File Change Log
  • File Sharing with distribution list
  • Enhance Single Server Scalability to 10,000 users per worker node
  • Support DFS as backend storage
  • Role based administration and Assign role to AD group
  • Add PowerShell Administration Interface

2015 Road Map

Many of the new features will be driven by enterprise customers in a quick one-week to four-week turn around time. Some known items on the road map:

  • Branding support automation
  • Search
  • Document Life Cycle Management
  • Application Integration

In 2015, it is the same process as in year 2014, you have a feature request, let us know and we will work it into the road map.

Check out www.gladinet.com for more details.


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