Build 9.2.5084 (Feb 05, 2018)

This week's update includes some of the usual enhancements, where we are working very hard to make sure your CentreStack experience is easy and effective in your daily workflow.

CentreStack: 9.2.5084.40442  |  Widows Client: 9.2.2429.40436  |  Mac Client: 9.2.40434

The following features have been integrated or enhanced:
  • Data at rest encryption (DARE) has been improved
  • Support has been added for Workspace Team Folders VIDEO
    • Managing a dynamic shared folder workspace for a project can be challenging at the file-server level; when updating the contents and adding and removing users, this process can be difficult. 
    • Administrators can now create a Workspace as part of their CentreStack workflow. You can add existing folders and sub-folders as part of the team folder. This allows the Tenant Administrator to create an environment where new team-members can be easily added and removed from this Workspace share. 
  • File previews on a low-resolution screen have been improved
  • Creating a Team Folder on Azure Blob is now easier to implement
  • SharePoint online support has been improved
  • When a Tenant Admin disables a share in Tenant Access Control, that share is also disabled on the Windows Client
  • It is now easier to insert a link at the current cursor position when using the Outlook Plugin 
  • When you move a file or folder at the file server level, we have improved how that change is reflected on CentreStack
  • We have added support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Single Sign On (SSO) to the Mac Client. It is now available to both Windows and Mac users. Once enabled your Mac Client will show an SSO Sign-On Button. VIDEO
  • Mac Client Branding support has been improved in this release 
Look for a new video soon that will highlight some of these updates.


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