Build 9.2.5151 (Feb 26, 2018)

What's new in this week's CentreStack Release? Check out the details below...

CentreStack: 9.2.5151.40597  |  Widows Client: 9.2.2444.40587  |  Mac Client: 9.2.40571

  • When migrating tenant storage, we now support Data-at-rest Encryption (DARE) re-configuration; you can choose to enable/disable DARE during the back-end storage migration.
  • CentreStack supports syncing files/folders with leading period (.) in the name. To enable it, you must add the setting, IncludeDotFile=True, to root\web.config on the worker node.
  • Web Portal security has been enhanced.
  • Web browse timeout default setting has been increased.
  • Mobile token timeout setting has been increased. 
  • When you set auto-upgrade windows client/server agent, you can choose whether to upgrade the file driver.
  • We fixed an error that occurred when you create a new S3 bucket on the Web Portal while attaching S3.
  • The branded iOS/Android App link now shows on the login page of your mobile browser. 
  • "User has reached quota" notification email has been improved. 
  • Cluster admin access to the Tenant's Group in the Group Manager has been enhanced. 
  • We have improved field switching using the tab key on the Windows Client Login Page.
  • We have improved the Window's Client logout process when the Ivanti Workspace Manager runs.
  • The Window's Client file change notification has been improved.
  • We have enhanced the Windows Client login process.
  • We have improved the "Migrate Hidden Shares" feature in the Server Agent.
  • Purging old trace files has been improved on the Mac Client.

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