Groups and Roles - User Access Controls

This tutorial illustrates how you use Groups and Roles together. You create Groups (e.g., Users, Admins) to categorize your users. You create Roles to establish features that can be accessed, permissions and restrictions. Then you can assign those groups to various roles (e.g., no sharing). You can access Groups and Roles by going to the Tenant Dashboard (1) and selecting them from the shortcuts on the right side (2).

In this graphical representation, users are added to the "Users" group, and the "Users" group is added to the "No Sharing" role.

In the “No Sharing” role, I have set the following rules:

Once this is set up, users in the User Group that have been assigned to this Role will not be able to share Externally or share folders. This can be demonstrated from the user’s Window’s Client machine.

In the following video I demonstrate how to set up the role so that any group that is assigned to it will not be allowed to share. Then I go to the Windows Client system and demonstrate how this prevents the sharing feature from being used.

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