From Beta 1 to Beta 2

Cloud Desktop Beta 1 launch last week was good. Lots of user feedback. Many sites covered us and linked to us. Last time I checked, Yahoo Site Explorer reported 861 links from external sites and 140 links to the download page directly. From 0 to 1001 in a week? Not bad.

It accomplished several things:
(1) the message was out, binding Cloud Services onto the Desktop Operating System is something useful and it is something user wanted. It proved that we are in the right direction.

(2) Established the web site to reach out to the users; Established the feedback and support mechanism for users to come back to us. Through this kind of a positive loop back from us to users and back to us again, we will improve.

(3) Strengthen the connections to the partners.

(4) Now we have a business plan, just need to write it down. I was told once two things to look out for start ups. Without a business plan is definitely bad. Sticking to the plan won't be too good either because a start up need to constantly adjust. Let our user community guide us.

Now the excitement is calming down. We are switching into bug fixing mode for beta 2. Beta 2 will be a pure bug fixing release. If we have time, we may slip Flickr integration in. If not, wait for beta 3.


Haemogee said…
I'm looking forward for the SkyDrive integration to be working again !
Unknown said…
Is there a Mac version in the works?
CentreStack said…
Mac version probably lag behind the Windows version for about a year.
FREAKIN AWESOME! Microsoft is nice enough to give us a 25 gallon drum of ice cold lemon-aid on a hot day, but gives us a coffee stirrer to drink it through. With Gladinet, you've given us a fire hose to drink up that lemony goodness.

Haemogee said…
Is it working with SkyDrive yet though?
jerryhuang said…
Current build 48 out there on the gladinet download page should work. There are still some known issues we are still working on. A later release next week should fix more and give you a more complete solution.

Starting build 48, we have auto-uninstall support. so you can try build 48 and later install whatever is available over it.
I remember this version being unwilling to be ThinStalled

hopefully the current stable builds will be more compliant

hopefully YOU will release a flavor such as this

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