Cloud Desktop and Netbook

If there is a certain kind of hardware that needs Gladinet software the most, it is a netbook.

I recently bought an Acer Aspire One netbook. Its portability and long battery life stand out. It is slow compared to my main dev machine. I don't compile C code on the netbook. So it is OK.

It reminded me so much about the thin clients when we were at Citrix. Netbook is a thin client to the web. Now with the cloud services live outside browsers and onto the Desktop, the value of a netbook increased dramatically. It is not just an email terminal nor just a browser app.

Imaging anywhere I go, pop open the netbook and the Amazon S3 storage is right there. If I need to read a document off Amazon S3, I can right click and say Open with Google Docs. If it has the standard (Premium) version of the GCD running, I can even connect back home and visit documents sitting in my home PC.

Imaging the speed of a netbook tomorrow is as fast as my dev machine today. Imaging broadband hotspot is everywhere. Imaging Gladinet Cloud Desktop is ported to Linux, Mac, iPhone and etc. Access my personal data will be without boundaries. Any devices, any where.


Hello Jerry,

Gladinet looks like a solid mature platform, except for being so aggressively Windows minded.

Thanks for netbook word.

Any practical plans related to linux port ? Nautilus scripts maybe?
Desklets ?
Anything volunteers can help? Any ongoing development ?

About myself - after been learned hands on experience with linux on 1992, it took me 17 yrs to get employment in * Windows clean* environment . Imagine the feeling of relief.

I mean, noone's perfect - I do VirtualBox from time to time, and when it happens, nothing except for dragging and dropping the files takes place.
ALL WORK platforms ought use RAID 1 at least!!

it's so obvious it hurts to have to remind people

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