What is New in Gladinet Version 2.4

Gladinet Cloud Access Suite now reached version 2.4. 

New Service Providers Supported

This release adds support for Rackspace CloudFiles, OpenStack Object Storage, CAStor Storage and Google Apps Premier.

This adds to the long list of cloud storage service providers that the Gladinet Platform supports.

New Package Bundle

Partners and customers are guiding us on the need of different access scenarios to support. As a result, Gladinet Cloud Desktop installation now has Cloud Backup available as a separate add-on. It is easier to manage for customers and partners that need both products on a single PC.

Version 2.4 also marks the first time the simultaneous release of 3 different products across the Gladinet Cloud Access Suite. Cloud Desktop is immediately available off the Gladinet web site. CloudAFS and Cloud Backup will be available in 1 week.


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