Cloud Storage Strategy Series IV – Sharing & Collaboration

When you have a 6-person branch office or a 8-person sales team, you have a need to share documents with everyone and you don’t have a big budget for on-site IT department. This is when cloud storage comes in handy.

There are multiple ways to share documents.

Try Google Docs

First of all, you can use Google Docs. Google Docs is both an online application and cloud storage. It enables everyone to share and edit documents online at

It will be convenient if the rest of the company infrastructure is on Google, such as Gmail for email service. There is a tight integration between Google Docs and Gmail. What if the company email infrastructure is with a different service and everyone else is using Microsoft Office and Outlook? In this case, you can use Gladinet Cloud Desktop to mount Google Docs as a virtual drive so you can conveniently transform files back and forth between desktop and Google Docs.

Shared Virtual Drive

The second way to share documents is to have a shared virtual drive, using cloud storage. For example, you can have a shared Amazon S3 account or a shared AT&T Synaptic Storage account. Using Gladinet Cloud Desktop again, you can map the shared account into everyone’s desktop. Since everyone maps into the same cloud storage account, you share documents as long as you have Internet connections.  


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