Simple NAS Cloud Replication to Google Storage and Microsoft Azure

Storage Newsletter published a recent article, “We Want Simple NAS for Replication Only”. The author, Jean-Jacques Maleval, discounts existing NAS solutions for lack of simplicity and then states, “We just wish a simple, affordable and secure product to have our data regularly copied outside on a NAS connected to Ethernet…” He continues to suggest a reciprocal arrangement where companies A and B each serve as an offsite backup location for the other’s NAS. The article lists several requirements:

· Affordability: The NAS and software combination should be priced between $300 and $400 .

· Space: Provide 1TB of storage, since most small businesses will rarely exceed that.

· Security: Provide standard, credential based encryption.

· Usability: Just support the basic replication requirements to keep things simple.

· Performance: Support frequent and rapid updates of only the changed files

· Access: Should be accessible offsite and outside the browser interface of the NAS manufacturer

· Energy efficiency: Place disks in idle mode when storage subsystem is not used for a period of time.

Gladinet’s Cloud Storage Access Platform meets or exceeds these requirements when combined with Google Storage or any of the other supported providers. That long list includes Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, EMC Atmos, AT&T Synaptic Storage, Mezeo, and many more.

Jerry Huang, CEO of Gladinet, stated “We see a growing need for simple data replication to the cloud and the requirements outlined by Mr. Maleval are right on point. However, we place more emphasis on the ‘Cloud’ in ‘NAS Cloud Replication. We leverage public cloud offerings as a NAS alternative or enhancement, resulting in much lower solution costs. For example, Google Storage was last quoted at $256 per TB. This represents a significant drop from the previously quote price of $250 for 150GB and prices could continue to fall. Even when combined with the software costs for the Gladinet platform, the entire cloud replication solution still falls on the low end of the range recommended by the Storage Newsletter.”

Huang continues, “The article further shows that there may be many small businesses who are not aware that we enable simple, low cost cloud replication solutions that are secure, fast, and energy efficient. Fortunately, the word is starting to spread as the need increases and companies like Microsoft promote Gladinet’s platform as an access enabler for their storage services.

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