Internap XIPCloud vs. Rackspace Cloud Files

Internap XIPCloud is the latest cloud storage offering that is open to the public. It is a public cloud and you can sign up for the service pretty easily at

As usual, when a new cloud service came out, we will use Gladinet Cloud Desktop to test its upload and download speed. There are many factors in the speed test. For example, how far away is the cloud storage service data center is one of the main factor.

Since Internap head quarter is in Atlanta, I would think that its data centers may be closer for people in the US south east region.

This simple test will compare the speed with Rackspace Cloud Files, since both have similar technology in OpenStack Object Storage.

First we mount both an Internap XIPCloud account and a Rackspace Cloud Files account into Windows Explorer, as side by side folders.


Now we will upload a 14M file to each one and time the duration. After that, clear the Gladinet Cloud Desktop’s cache and try again.


  Upload (Sec) Download (Sec)
Rackspace Cloud Files 320 25
Internap XIPCloud 330 24

The results are comparable.

Upload Speed: ~45KBytes/sec

Download Speed: ~ 595KBytes/sec

As a reference, here is a result metering the Internet connection speed from the test machine.

The Internet speed from the test machine is :

Upload : 53 KBytes/sec

Download: 721 KBytes/sec


From the test, it looks like the Internet connection is the bottleneck so the speed from the two different cloud storage service providers are similar.

This means, with the kind of speed (DSL) this location has, using Rackspace Cloud Files and Internap XIPCloud will get similar performance. Whether the data center is far or close.

This conclusion may change when the Internet speed is improved. The bottleneck may shift from the Internet speed to the data center scalability and the latency.

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