Introducing Gladinet Cloud Enterprise

Today Gladinet released Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. It is an installable cloud storage solution for enterprises concerned about security, control and compliance. It contains all the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition features you see on and packaged into a Windows Installer (MSI) package. Typically it is a 5-10 minutes installation and configuration process and it will be up and running immediately.
Since the package can run onsite, there are some additional feature sets, such as deep Active Directory integration so existing Active Directory users can start using the Gladinet Cloud for Enterprise directly.
Another additional benefit is that it allows using Enterprise’s own file server storage, or private OpenStack Swift storage, or private EMC Atmos storage as the backend storage. While, at the same time, if an Enterprise is comfortable with their own Amazon S3 account, Google Cloud Storage account, Windows Azure account, they can choose to use these as the backend storage for the Gladinet Cloud package.
It is also as scalable as the public Gladinet Cloud. If you need to support tens of thousands of servers, the Enterprise just need to install more worker nodes into the server farm.

Why Gladinet Cloud Enterprise

Dropbox and box popularized the kind of public cloud storage sync & share solution, with team collaboration features. Enterprises need same kind of solution but enterprises doesn’t want to lose control of data to some third party storage site. So a combination of public cloud storage features and private enterprise hosting and security makes a lot of sense.

How To Deploy?

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise can be installed completely on-premise or it can be installed inside the DMZ zone as show in the picture below.



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