Self-Hosted Cloud Storage Solution

Enterprise may be the last to adopt Cloud Storage. Not because they don’t like cloud storage, but because they already taken care of a lot of functionalities the cloud storage brings.

For example, replication,  in order to run smoothly in case of a failed hard disk, enterprise has replication of data within the enterprise.

Another example, scalability, to make sure business runs smoothly with added head count, a lot of storage planning was done and a lot of existing storage capacity were idle, ready for expansion. 

The top two functionality – the replication and the scalability, are already taken care of. So what is the selling point of  a cloud storage like solution?

The answer goes to the functionalities that we are so familiar by now, the ability to access storage from any device, including mobile devices;the ability to access storage from web browsers;  and the ability to do sync, share and collaboration on top of the storage services. In short, it is quite often referred to as a dropbox-like solution, with security and on-premise deployment added.

Quite often, you will hear CIO saying, I don’t want dropbox in my company because it scatters company owned documents everywhere, but I like a dropbox-like alternative solution that is built on top of my existing on-premise enterprise storage solution, which I own and have control over where the storage is.

So this is the self-hosted cloud storage solution enterprise is looking for. And look no further, the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise is the solution you are looking for.

In the following video, you will see that you can setup such a solution in 10 minutes.

Next Step

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