Gladinet Cloud Mid-Year Review 2013

It is time to review the progress Gladinet Cloud made in the first half of the year. When we are in day-to-day operation, it didn’t feel that there is much change. And now, when we take a break to look back, there is quite some big progress made.

1. Mobile Enhancement

There was big progress made on the Mobile applications, including applications on iOS devices, Android devices and even Windows Phone 8 devices. Feature enhancements include better upload/download support; file/Folder sharing and collaboration support; and interoperability with applications installed natively on the devices.

2. Mac OS X Enhancement

Mac OS X came out of beta and getting more feature parity compared to the Windows client. Mac OS X client now can attach local folders and sync to cloud.

3. Central Administration Enhancement

More group policy support and more settings the administrator can control for the whole team. As Gladinet Cloud focus more toward businesses and enterprises, more group policy and control it will be giving to the administrators. There is also more audit trace and more file changing log.

4. Collaboration Enhancement

File locking, check-in and check-out and file modification notification are all part of Gladinet Cloud now. Since Gladinet Cloud was built on top of the concept of drive-letter based access, it can solve the fundamental file locking problem.

5. Enterprise and Service Provider Support

The Gladinet Cloud Enterprise product continue to enhance and becoming easier to self-install, self-deploy, self-brand and self-service.

Here is a quick 5 min video of the Gladinet Cloud


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