Gladinet Cloud Windows Phone 8

As Gladinet continue to enhance mobile device and smart phone support. Today is another important milestone. The Gladinet Cloud Windows Phone 8 application was submitted to Windows Phone Developer Center and waiting for certification.

The Windows Phone 8 application has similar features to the Gladinet iOS and Android application. It is a native application written with Visual Studio 2012 and Silverlight for Windows Phone environment, comes with speed and packed with features.

1. Browse Files and Folders

After you sign in to the Windows Phone application, you will see files and folder tree and can browse the folder content.


2. File Sharing and Comments

After you click open a file, you can share files and folders and put comments in.


3. File Open in Local Application

You can open and view documents with locally installed applications.

4. Upload Photos and Camera Captures

You can also upload photos from existing albums and from camera.

Next Step

Go to and sign up for a Team Edition account. After that, you can check out the other mobile device support, such as iOS application and Android application, among browser client,  desktop client, mac client and file server agents.


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