Build 9.1.5031 (Jan 22, 2018)

Our weekly update is now available for updating your CentreStack installations and clients.

Builds included in this update:
CentreStack: 9.1.5031.40322 | Windows Client: 9.1.2417.40322 | Mac Client: 9.1.40198

Build 9.1.5031.40322 (Jan 22, 2018)
  • We have integrated support for Tenant Storage Migration: On the tenant Control Panel, you can create a background task that migrates the back-end data to a new storage.
  • The user interface (UI) for sharing has been improved; we now include the ability to create a public link.
  • Cluster Admins can now disable Active Directory Integration when editing a tenant under Access Control settings.
  • CentreStack now sees deeply-nested subfolders when you attach Distributed File System (DFS) shares.
  • Team (collaborator) Folder permissions and subfolder permissions in the Web Portal context menu are now consolidated. 
  • Low-resolutions screens are now better supported when previewing files on the Web Portal. 
  • The Web Portal Tutorial is now easily accessible by clicking the (?) link on the top-right of the File Browser view. 
  • File renaming while using S3 compatible storage has been improved. 
  • The German Language translation strings have been updated.
  • "Account Has Exceeded Quota" message is displayed more prominently when using the Windows Client.
  • Sharing an Attached Local Folder has been improved in Windows Client
  • In-Place Editing in Windows Client has been improved. 


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