Build 9.1.5057 (Jan 29, 2018)

Our weekly update is now available for your CentreStack and client installations.

Builds included in this update:
CentreStack: 9.1.5057.40385 | Windows Client: 9.1.2423.40381 | Mac Client: 9.1.40198

Build 9.1.5057.40385 (Jan 29, 2018)
  • Great news! Support for single sign-on (SSO) is now integrated into the Windows Client. When SSO is enabled, the Windows Client login shows the SSO link; follow this link to login.  
  • When Enforce 2-Step Verification is enabled, within the Group Policy view of the User Account, there is now a new setting "Do not enforce 2-Step Verification on Windows Client". When this is selected, 2-Step Verification will not be enforced on the Windows Client. 
  • In Branding, under the Web Portal tab, we have added a new setting "Don't show the image on the left of the login page", which allows you to hide the left image on the Log-in Section.  
  • The Web Portal, Group Manager, and user selection in Team Folder Collaborator/Permissions have received some cosmetic updates to improve the user experience. 
  • Syncing to the cloud from an attached local folder/migrated shares has been improved.
  • You can now save SQL Queries in SQL Management Studio from within the Windows Client.
We hope that this weekly update helps you with your integration and enjoyment of the CentreStack File Sharing and Security platform. Please learn more about how we can help you with migrating your files and users to the cloud by exploring this page:


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