Happy New Year! December CentreStack Updates

Look forward to some new blogs this year about the recent updates to CentreStack.

In our December 18th, 2017 (12/18/2017) CentreStack update (Build 8.12.4939.40124) we completed the following changes:
  • When create a new tenant, support creating a new folder on local storage as the tenant's home folder – Now you can create a folder from within the create tenant process rather than relying on a pre-existing folder

  • Fix file time-stamp issue on different S3 regions – For instance, an uploaded file to S3 Sydney region shows the correct local time-stamp
  • Enhance importing new team folder
  • Enhance mobile browser, including open file and preview
  • Enhance file syncing on attached local folder/migrated share when back-end storage is S3
  • Support running *.msi package on windows client drive
  • Enhance in-place editing file in windows client drive, when 'Allow file without file name extension' is enabled
  • Enhance file copy in windows client when copy handler is disabled
  • Enhance international languages support in windows client menu
  • Enhance SolidWorks CAD support on windows client
  • Enhance Mac client installation
  • Enhance Mac client upload to Azure blob
  • Windows Client/Server Agent 8.12.2389.40118
  • Mac Client 8.12.40118

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