Jan 15th New Release–Build 9.1.5006

Another update is available for download! To further enhance your CentreStack experience we have integrated the following changes. To update your installation please go to the web portal and log in at https://www.centrestack.com/management/partnerloginpage.aspx.

Build 9.1.5006.40253 (Jan. 15 2018)
  • We have enhanced the process of syncing a local folder to the CentreStack cloud.
  • When you publish a root folder as a team folder, CentreStack now shows the option to link to local from the Two-Way Sync tab.
  • Enhanced web portal user interface (UI) when you manage team folder permissions. You can edit a Collaborator from the sub-folder and navigate to sub-folders in Folder Permission tab.
  • We have added new windows client settings to the Outlook plugin. You can define where to store the data-share you are attaching from the Outlook plugin, and determine when that share expires.
  • Deleting files in a root file-share is now prevented when it is also shared with others.
  • Group Policy is now followed when batch-creating users and when creating a Default Folder.
  • Windows client can not create a public link when sharing is disabled in team folder.
  • Windows Client/Server Agent 9.1.2409.40235


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