Varonis DatAnywhere Alternative - File Sync and Share Solution - New Video!

CentreStack is a white label, file sync and share solution for managed service providers. We are competing with Varonis DatAnywhere for the managed services provider (MSP) file sync and share market space. If you are looking for a replacement for Varonis DatAnywhere, this is a great solution. 

Some key things you should consider when choosing a file sync and share solution include the following...
  • True File System Driver for Selective Sync - On-demand sync, selective sync, native drive letter integration, mapped windows explorer drive
  • Native Windows NTFS Integration - Integrated with Windows Active Directory (AD) with 100% integrated NTFS network share permissions, control access at a file-by-file granular level, AD user credentials pass through to CentreStack Web Portal access
  • Team Folder Access Control - Team folder access is controlled with granular permissions, users have read/write/list/delete capabilities at sub-folder level
  • Enterprise Grade Security, Control, Customization and Scalability - Highly scalable integration up to hundreds of thousands of AD users, enterprise grade security and control at a group policy level, end-to-end white-label customization for Tenant Admin and all Tenants 
  • Try for FREE - Long 30-day trial is available by easily creating a partner account and downloading the application to install on your own server. 
  • Very Customizable - Customization of the platform is available to handle any special requirements you have in mind. 

Please check out this overview video...


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