The Journey to the EMC Atmos Cloud

 The EMC World 2010 is over. One of the key take away is the vision of “Hundreds of Public Clouds” and “The Journey to the Private Cloud”.

For Small and Medium businesses (SMBs), having hundreds of public clouds to pick from is a very good news. Businesses can continue to drive the infrastructure cost down by leveraging the clouds and focusing on the key competency of the business. As shown below, AT&T Synaptic Storage is one of the biggest public cloud built on EMC Atmos technology. Anyone can sign up for an account and start using it immediately.

For the smallest deployment, SMBs can cloud-enable their PCs with Gladinet Cloud Desktop and connect directly to the AT&T Synaptic Storage.
For a bigger deployment scenario, The AT&T Synaptic Storage can be attached to on-premise file servers by leveraging Gladinet CloudAFS™. The CloudAFS then delivers the cloud storage as tier 2 storage to the on-premise PCs. For remote workers, they can select either VPN into the on-premise infrastructure and access the cloud storage or they can select direct access by using Gladinet Cloud Desktop. The Cloud Desktop and the CloudAFS together provides access solutions to the public clouds.

For enterprises, quicker provisioning and easier maintenance of the clouds are certainly attractive because they drive the infrastructure cost down. However, the security, the compliance and data control are all good concerns.   In this case, as shown below, EMC Atmos has an answer in the private cloud deployment. The EMC Atmos can be deployed in the company’s data center, The Gladinet CloudAFS can be deployed next to the EMC Atmos, providing CIFS/NFS access to the on-premise PCs. The remote workers can VPN back to the on-premise network and access the same CIFS shares or use the Gladinet CloudAFS as a gateway to the private cloud. The Gladinet access solutions also apply in this private cloud deployment.

Based on different deployment scenario, the Gladinet Cimageloud Desktop and the Gladinet CloudAFS can be part of your journey to the EMC Atmos Clouds.
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