Building Your Own File Sharing Service on HP Public Cloud

Today HP Cloud Service published an article on how to build your own file sharing service on HP Public Cloud.

When it comes to file sharing service, people immediately think about dropbox and dropbox like functionalities. So what is new?

The interesting part is that the file sharing service is installable and self-deployable so you can install it on your HP Public Cloud account if you like to do so.

Control Data Location and Data Flow

When the file sharing service becomes an installable product, just as you can install Windows 2008 file  server, you control where you want your data to be and you also control the data path where the data flow from point A to point B.

It is a trust issue. HP is a brand you can trust and HP’s data center is a place you can trust to have your data securely put in.

Dedicated Instance for Security.

When you self-host and self-deploy a file sharing service, you know the underlying Windows Server, the SSL certificate and the DNS name associated with the instance are all dedicated instances for your solution. Unlike public online storage solutions, you don’t really know how your data is managed.

Continue to HP Cloud Service to read the full article.


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