Server File Storage Solution with Offsite Sync and Access

Here is a pretty common setup: Small businesses have an internal file storage solution, accessible to all internal devices and works great for users in the office. However, you would like users that are not in the office have the same kind of fast access, wherever they are and on any device.

You are looking for some kind of sync solution with a cloud service that doesn’t interrupt the existing local access behavior, while enabling remote access.

You have tried Office 365 with SharePoint. However, it doesn’t fit and you are still left looking for a solution.

You may hear some IT-old-timers still talk about using FTP or WebDav to enable remote access. You know those old technologies may be even harder to use than what you had with Office 365 and SharePoint.

Now looking at the Gladinet solution that truly sync local file server content to cloud storage services seamlessly, without interrupting the local users, while enabling remote access for out-of-office users.

Gladinet Solution

Gladinet Cloud File Server agent is the piece of software you need for the solution. Installed on top of your existing file server,  the file server agent can monitor the local folder changes and sync them out to cloud storage service.

Benefit #1 Continued Local Access

There is no interruption to local users. They are using the same file server as it was before. All the network shares are still the same network shares.

Benefit #2 On-Demand Access To Local Server

When access is initiated from the remote user, the demand for access will be satisfied by both the cloud storage service and local file server, providing a seamless experience.

Benefit #3 Background Sync to Cloud Storage Service

The Local File Server share can be monitored and seamlessly sync to offsite cloud storage service.

How to Get Started

You can get started by go to and sign up for a team edition account. With the team account, you can install the included file server agent on your file server and connect it to the cloud.


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