Hybrid Local Storage, Cloud Storage Solution

You are a small business with anywhere between 3-50 employees. Most of the employees are in the same office, some are on the road or work from home. You need a file storage solution to accommodate file sharing and collaboration need.

Traditionally, the Windows File Server has served well in the local area network. With everyone map to the network share, you can do collaboration and file sharing with all the file locking support to avoid file corruption.

What about remote users? You don’t want to get into the VPN thing. First it is not easy to setup. Second, it is not easy for remote user to understand and use. Third, most user just want to use a web browser to upload/download files for light use. Connect VPN, connect to network share, just for modifying/viewing a couple files, that is too cumbersome.

Here is where a hybrid local storage, cloud storage solution comes in. You can either use Gladinet Cloud (with the File Server Agent component), or use the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise (without the File Server Agent) to achieve this.

Solution #1 – Gladinet Cloud, w/ File Server Agent.

With Gladinet Cloud, the default storage is cloud storage.  You will get a Gladinet Cloud Team account and immediately you have web browser access, windows client/mac client and mobile access. This is cloud storage with online access, 50% done.

Now you will install the File Server Agent to help connecting local folders on the file server to cloud storage and maintain replication in between. The end result is the local folder on the file server will be exposed to online access. now 100% done.

What about team collaboration and file locking?

In Gladinet Cloud, you can use Group Policy to turn on the distributed locking. with distributed locking, you can have local applications such as Microsoft word, excel lock the file automatically when editing. solve the team collaboration problem. Also local users continue to use the local file server network share, the file locking is provided by default from the OS.

Solution #2 – Gladinet Cloud Enterprise

With Gladinet Cloud Enterprise, you will install the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise close to where your file server is and expose to the Internet for online access.

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise is like packaging all the “Gladinet Cloud” functionalities into a windows MSI package so you can self-host. By separating it away from the file server, it provides a middle layer for security and access control so you don’t expose your file server directly.

On the other hand, since it is next to your file server, it can expose file server network shares for online access.

What about team collaboration and file locking again?

Gladinet Cloud and Gladinet Cloud Enterprise share the same set of access client. So all the team collaboration and sharing functionality is same as the vendor-hosted solution.

Next Step

Goto www.gladinet.com and sign up for a Gladinet Cloud Team Edition account to try it out.


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