Refined User Subfolder Permissions in CentreStack

Generally when you share a folder to a user, permissions are given to any parent folders, in order for that user to see the folder you are sharing. In a recent update we gave you the ability to share a subfolder several levels deep with a user and limit their permissions to only that folder's contents.

This is very useful if you don't want to create a shared folder that only that user can access.

So, to start, we add two Collaborators from users previously added to this Tenant; in this case they are Alice and Joe. Both of these users are added as collaborators for this folder "FilesforSharing".

To set this up I created three folders, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Then you go to the Folder Permissions tab and click the small down arrow (1) and choose Level 1; there you add Alice, giving her full permissions. To add a user click the small cross-tools icon on the top-right.

 Then you use the down arrow again (2) to pass Level 2 (Alice's permissions will already be in place in this subfolder. You go to Level 3 and there, click the edit (cross-tools) (3) button so you can add Joe (4). So the result is that Alice and Joe will have full permissions in the Level 3 folder, but only Alice will be able to see the contents of Level 1 and Level 2 folders. So the big takeaway here is that Joe will be able to navigate through the folder levels because he will see the folders that lead him to his own folder, but he will not see any of the contents of those parent folders.

If you are still confused, this short video tutorial might be helpful. 


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