3 Benefits of Cloud Backup

According to a Unitrends survey, 60% of businesses use cloud backup, recovery, and archiving services. There are many reasons an organization might choose a secure cloud storage backup service.

The chief benefits include the following:
Cloud backup is a flexible backup. Because cloud storage can be virtually any size, the amount of backup space you use is dependent on what an organization needs. A company is not limited to a specific amount of data, nor does it have to pay for space not used. Cloud backup is always right sized for an organization's needs.
Cloud backup solutions designed for enterprise use typically employ multiple layers of security, including strong asymmetric encryption. In addition, unlike onsite backups, cloud backup is not vulnerable to fire, flood, or other natural disasters – nor at risk of physical theft or sabotage.
Storing backup data in the cloud helps an organization avoid purchasing and managing expensive on-premises backup hardware. Cloud backup also requires less IT staff and maintenance.

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