Mobile File Access for Stronger Collaboration

Telecommuting continues to be on the rise. Before the pandemic, there had been a 44% increase in remote work over the past five years – and a 91% increase over the past decade. We're not sure what the numbers are after the global pandemic but they are obviously much, much higher driving increasing needs for mobile file access and collaboration
Employees in a fixed office location are accustomed to accessing key files and data on a company's file servers. Remote workers and employees who travel outside the office need the same access to data and files, no matter where they're located – 81% of employees say they need access to corporate data from their mobile devices. Without access to essential files, remote workers become less productive rather than more and, in many cases, can't complete the work they need to do.

Nearly 83% of workers depend on technology to help them collaborate with others, and mobile file access is essential to remote collaboration. Workers in multiple locations need real-time access to the same files and folders to ensure that they're all working on the same page. Enterprise-wide file sharing enables co-authoring and co-editing of documents for all members of a workgroup.

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