Organize Digital Documents in the Cloud

tab-paperport-pro-14-boxEarlier this month, Nuance released PaperPort 14. PaperPort 14 is a successful software program helping users organize digital documents and files on computers. With the new release, PaperPort extends the capability to organize digital documents in the cloud.
One of the key component is Nuance Cloud Connector, which is also powered by Gladinet Cloud Desktop. As shown in the following picture, the Nuance Cloud Drive (N:) shows up inside PaperPort. You can mount many different kinds of cloud storage services such as Google Docs,, Amazon S3, OpenStack, RackSpace, Windows Azure and so on into the drive and organize digital documents from these services as if they were local on the computer.
In the meanwhile, Nuance Cloud Connector sits in the system tray and is ready to help you  connect your cloud services to a network drive.
In the Management Console, you can manage different cloud storage services; check upload/download status. If you are already familiar with Gladinet Cloud Desktop, you will find it very easy to navigate around in the Nuance Cloud Connector.
With PaperPort 14, it is very easy to manage and organize digital documents in the cloud.
It also showed that it is very straight forward to integrate cloud storage service support to a traditional desktop software with Gladinet Cloud Desktop.

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