How to Migrate File Server to Google Docs

10_google-docsAs Google Apps and Google Docs getting more popular, a common use case keeps coming up from Gladinet customers. On one hand, they will setup mirror backup from an aging file server to Google Docs. On the other hand, they will setup reverse backup from Google Docs to a local PC (not necessary a file server).

The goal of mirror backup from local file server to Google Docs is to get ready to switch to Google Docs completely.

The goal of reverse backup from Google Docs to a local PC is to prepare for Internet glitches and cloud service glitches.

If you are a company of 5-10 people and thinking about getting rid of aging file server and move to the cloud (Google Apps/Google Docs), this document is a reference implementation of the migration.

Existing Infrastructure

In the existing infrastructure, everyone in the company is sharing folders and files through a file server inside the company. As company grows older, the file server is getting older too.


Migrating Phase

During the migrating phase, everyone is still using the file server for folder and file share. In addition, Gladinet Cloud Desktop is installed on one PC to mirror file server folders to Google Docs. This way every employee is still using the file server as they have used to it for so many years. In the meanwhile, they can also see the documents in the Google Docs web interface.


Final Migration

In the  final phase of migration, all the folders and files are in Google Apps/Google Docs. The documents on the Google Docs are also backup to local PC for disaster recovery. In this final picture, the local PC can be cheap and is also replaceable. If a local PC crashes, you just need to bring in another local PC/laptop. The old single point of failure in the aging file server is removed and the related file server functionality is moved to Google Docs – in the cloud!

Gladinet software in the picture below fulfills the cloud storage connector role between user’s local desktop and the online Google Docs storage.


Final Migration 2

An optional deployment is to leverage Amazon S3 in addition to Google Docs. This way, in case one cloud storage service is down, the other one can continue to work.


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