Mount a File Share with Amazon S3

Many clients want to use Amazon S3 directly, and yet want to make it transparent to the users. As far as the administrator or the CTO is concerned, he wants to have direct control of the Amazon S3 account that his company is using. At the same time, he wants the employees in the company using the company Amazon S3 account transparently without any additional learning curve.
This article documents many ways you can use Gladinet solutions to get it done. We will divide the use case into big, medium, small. Three use cases. Each use case may have a different matching solution.

Big Use Case

You have multi-site file structure and you have a need to setup team folder, version folder, web-based access, mobile device access,  in addition to mounting file share to your amazon s3 account.
In this case, the best fit is Gladinet Cloud Team Edition, with your Amazon S3 account plugged in as the root folder of your company cloud drive. At, you can select Team Edition, then select plugin my own account and then Amazon S3.
This article (Amazon S3 Based, Full Control Online Storage) documented what you will see with the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition, with your Amazon S3 account plugged in.
After that, you can download the Gladinet Cloud Server (previously called Gladinet CloudAFS in version 3) to setup your file share with Amazon S3.
This article (Migrate Your File Server to the Cloud) documented what you can do with the Gladinet Cloud Server
At the end, you can make existing Amazon S3 folders into your local file server share. You can also make your local file server share into Amazon S3 folders. Meanwhile,  you have web-based browser access, mobile access to all your s3 folders.

Medium Use Case

In the medium use case, you are a single site and just want to mount Amazon S3 as a local file server share. You don’t need all the other big use cases as yet.
One easy way is to follow the big use case steps and just use the Gladinet Cloud Server to start with.
In addition, you can do a file server share mount of Amazon S3 directly with Gladinet Cloud Server. In the big use case, your Amazon S3 account is already plugged into the Gladinet Cloud root folder so it is transparent to the Gladinet Cloud Server.  As an additional flexibility, you can mount additional Amazon S3 buckets at the Cloud Server side directly. Mount Amazon S3 buckets directly at your local file server has better performance.

Small Use Case

If your company is a team of under 10 users, you can use Gladinet Cloud Desktop to do a direct Amazon S3 mount. This is the easiest way to get started. Later on, when you have a need to use browser-based access and mobile access, you can switch to Team Edition and continue to use Gladinet Cloud Desktop.

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