Backup to Peer1 CloudOne Cloud Storage

peer1cloudone4Peer1 CloudOne is an EMC Atmos based cloud storage service. It has been on the market for quite some time now. If you have file servers hosted by Peer1, using CloudOne to backup the servers makes a lot of sense.

First you can signup with Peer1 CloudOne Cloud Storage at this link:


Let’s say you want to backup folders and SQL Server on the file server to Peer1 CloudOne cloud storage, you can use Gladinet Cloud Backup to get it done.

You can use the familiar Virtual Directory Mounting wizard to mount Peer1.


In the following dialog, the Full Token ID is an Atmos terminology. The Full Token ID is the subtenant ID, forward slash ‘/’ and the UID all concatenated together.

For example, in the following account, the Full Token ID is:




Mirror Backup

Mirror backup is a simple form of backup. Basically it is a one to one mapping between a local file and a file sitting in Peer1 CloudOne.

It is a simple 3 step wizard. First you select the source folder, then the destination folder and then the schedule.



Snapshot Backup

Snapshot is a more advanced mode of backup compares to the mirror backup. It is capable of taking snapshots of files, folders and SQL servers.

It is a simple 4-step wizard. First pick the source, then the destination, the schedule and the rest of the parameters.






Snapshot Backup –SQL Server

SQL Server backup is in the Backup By Application category. The application refers to applications that support Volume Shadow Copy Service.


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