Amazon S3 Compatible Cloud Storage

logo_awsIf you are the leader, you have supporters. If you have many supporters, your API becomes the standard many would like to use. Now Amazon S3 is the leader when it comes to cloud storage so its Amazon S3 API is widely used.

There are many cloud storage players that have Amazon S3 compatible APIs. For example, Google Storage for Developers;  Eucalyptus/Walrus; Scality/Dunkel; Mezeo Compatibility API and etc..

Gladinet supports Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage with its suite of cloud storage access solutions, including Cloud Desktop, CloudAFS and Cloud Backup.

Mount Amazon S3 Compatible Cloud Storage


(If it is Google Storage for Developers, it has its own entry.)


In the next step, you will change the access point to point to the corresponding API url for the S3 compatible cloud storage. For example, for Dunkel storage, you will change it to .


Use Cases after the Amazon S3 Compatible Storage is Mounted

You can do Backup, Access, Sync, Integration and Connect, 5 use cases together.

Backup – Backup from local to cloud storage and from cloud storage to local.

Access – Access with drive letter and access from web browser

Sync – Sync files and folders across multiple PCs

Integration – Integrate with your existing backup application, document management applications

Connect & Share – Connect and share documents with people around you

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gmao said…
I followed your instruction step by step and it worked out perfectly! I love your product.
gmao said…
I tried to follow your instruction step by step and it worked out perfectly. Great product!

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