Easy Desktop Access to Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon-Cloud-DriveAmazon Cloud Drive is a new online storage application unveiled by Amazon
last month.  It provides users with 5 gigabytes of storage space by default, with further storage space costing one dollar per gigabyte per year.
Compares to other online storage solutions such as Windows Live SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive doesn’t have online office application integration.  So far Amazon Cloud Drive is a pure storage solution, with focus on storing music files that you can later stream back to your PC and handheld devices.
Without online word or spread sheet applications to work on your files inside Amazon Cloud Drive? No problem, you can use locally installed Word or Excel and have easy desktop access to Amazon Cloud Drive.
Gladinet Cloud Desktop integrates Amazon Cloud Drive into Windows Desktop with following features, which greatly enhances the usability for people that use both local applications (Word/Excel and etc.) and online storage such as Amazon Cloud Drive.
(1) Map a network drive to Amazon Cloud Drive, so you can do drag and drop folders and files from local desktop to remote storage. In addition, you can also double click on an online file and edit with locally installed application.
(2) Reliable drag and drop with robocopy like functionality. The regular Windows drag and drop doesn’t have too much fail-retry logic in it because everything is local. However, with Gladinet software, the drag and drop is enhanced with reliable copy and default fail-retry logic.
(3) Backup local folders to Amazon Cloud Drive. You can have Gladinet Cloud Desktop monitor several local folders and any contents in those folders will be backup to Amazon Cloud Drive.
(4) Support multiple Amazon Cloud Drive side by side. Each mounting of Amazon Cloud Drive account shows up as a folder inside the Gladinet Virtual Drive. If you have multiple accounts, you can mount them one by one.

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