How Early is the Cloud Storage Market?

Cloud storage and cloud computing are generating more and more interests now. By looking at the Google Trends graph of “cloud storage”, you can see the search volume is going up exponentially since 2008.


However, if plot the “cloud storage” and “FTP” together on the same graph, you can see the search volume of “FTP” is declining but is still much greater than that of “cloud storage”.

This makes sense, everyone knows FTP and it is widely used. However, the interests is declining. Cloud Storage is on the way up but it is still in a very early stage and the search volume is much smaller than that of FTP.


Now compare “cloud storage” with “online backup”. You can see recordable interests in “online backup” started 2004, leading cloud storage by 4 years.

This makes sense too. online backup companies such as Carbonite and Mozy started back in 2004~2005. Amazon S3 started 2006~2007 and getting noticed in 2008 as the “Cloud Storage” and stirred up the interests in cloud storage ever since.


What can you do with Cloud Storage?

Obviously, online backup is one of the primary cloud storage use case. However, cloud storage use case is much wider than just online backup.

Here at Gladinet, we promote 6 cloud storage use cases:

Backup, Access, Sync, Integration, Connect & Share, together the BASICS solutions of cloud storage.

These 6 cloud storage use cases are covered by 4 different products, Gladinet Cloud Desktop, Gladinet CloudAFS, Gladinet Cloud Backup and Gladinet Cloud Space.

In 2011, the backup market leads the demands of other markets. We are still in a very early stage of cloud storage market development. As time goes on, you will see a more complete picture of BASICS cloud storage use case over time.

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