Off-Site Backup with the Gladinet Cloud

gcloud200This is the last video demo of a 3-piece series about the Gladinet Cloud use case. In the previous two blog posts, we covered ‘Anywhere Access with a Cloud Drive’ and ‘Share Files with the Gladinet Cloud’. This demo is about a set-it-and-forget-it off-site backup feature in the Gladinet Cloud.
Same as the previous two YouTube videos, it is best to view the following video with 720p HD option and with full screen.

As shown in the video, backup is fairly straight forward. First you will open the Gladinet Management Console from the Sys-Tray menu. The following is a picture of the Gladinet Sys-Tray menu.
Now the Management Console is open.
From the Management Console, press the button that says ‘Cloud Drive’ and pick the ‘Mirrored Backups’ option.
Next you can select the ‘Backup By Folder’ and follow the dialog wizard to complete the setup.
Select the Source Folder first.
Select the Destination Folder next.
Select the Backup Schedule.
Confirm and That is it!
Visit the Gladinet Cloud page and signup for a free trial!

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