Amazon S3 Based, Full Control Online Storage Solution

s3logoThere are many, many Amazon S3 based online storage services. What is the difference, you may ask? What is Gladinet’s niche? What is the market segment to fill?
The most popular online storage use case nowadays is the combination of web interface, desktop clients from PC and Mac, mobile clients, together with team folders support and peer-to-peer file sharing. Many online storage services do this.  The market niche is how to provide the functionality, while giving customers full control of the whole infrastructure stack from the bottom to the top.
Many of the customers are already at ease with Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. They feel if they can self-host the solution in their own EC2 instances, connecting to their own S3 buckets, they feel good about the control of the data and the infrastructure, while cutting down the expenses of local servers, local storage and IT cost associated with that. So hosting with Amazon EC2 and S3 is OK. 
They may not feel as comfortable with other companies adding features on top of Amazon services by turning Amazon hosting in to a black-box so they don’t know how the S3 buckets are shared; how the files are stored and etc. They prefer to have full control of the S3 and all the infrastructure in between.
Gladinet provides Gladinet Cloud Cluster, the same software that runs the Gladinet Cloud to fill this market niche. As a reminder, Gladinet Cloud has a cross-browser web interface to access the files and folders; it has desktop clients to map network drive to the online storage; it has file server virtual volume to attach online storage to local; it has mobile clients to access online storage from every where. Now with Gladinet Cloud Cluster, you can install the cluster at your own EC2 instance; connect to your own S3 bucket; brand all the Gladinet clients into your own brand and connect to your own Cluster. Now you can service your online storage solution, from your EC2 instances and S3 buckets, with full control of the infrastructure stack, from the top to the bottom. Now you are back at ease with Amazon services, with additional online storage services like backup, drive access, sync and share, team collaborations and so on.
The easiest way to try it out is to sign up for the Gladinet Team Edition. When at the check out screen, select “Amazon S3” to plugin your own storage.  Once you check out all the features and feel you are ready to try self-hosted solution, Gladinet can help by configuring the cluster, including your Amazon S3 bucket so the end user will only need to know a username and a password.

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