Desktop Backup Solution for SoftLayer Object Storage

logo This is the second part of the SoftLayer series of articles, documenting features from Gladinet products and services that allow you, as an end user to more easily use SoftLayer Object Storage, without the need to do any programming.
Before we get into the more advanced Team Edition that includes PC client, Mac client, web browser interface, mobile client with file sharing and team collaboration features, this article stays with the stand-alone desktop client use case.
In the last blog, it discussed drive mapping feature. When you have a network drive that is connected to SoftLayer Object Storage, you can do drag and drop and ad-hoc backup and data transfer.  Sometimes, you prefer to have a more organized way of backup local folders to the cloud, such as mirroring a local folder into SoftLayer Object Storage or have snapshots taken and store that into the cloud.
As in the last blog, you will install the Gladinet Cloud Desktop as a stand-alone application. In the Gladinet Management Console, you can go to the Backup section by clicking the dropdown button on the top left and select “Advanced Backups”.
Here you will see “Two Way Sync”, “Mirrored Backups”, “Cloud to Cloud Backups” and “Snapshot Backups”
The easiest thing to try is the “Mirrored Backup”, you can do either “Backup by Folder” or “Backup by File Type”.
Let’s say you select “Backup by Folder”, you can then select a “Source Folder’ to start with.
In the next screen, you can select the “SoftLayer Dal05” folder. The folder’s name maybe different because it is a name you gave to the folder when you mount a SoftLayer container into Windows Explorer. In this case, I named it “SoftLayer Dal” because it is coming from SoftLayer Dallas center so I know it is not from the SoftLayer Singapore center or the Amsterdam center. 
In the next screen, you can set the backup schedule. “Automatic Backup” means the backup is done when you have changes in the source folder.
In the next screen, you will review the parameters of the backup and that is all. It is set and forget, the backup will be run in the background.
You can download Gladinet Cloud Desktop from Gladinet website and try for yourself.

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