Team Collaboration Solution Based on SoftLayer Object Storage

logoWhen it comes to team collaboration, most people will say SharePoint. However SharePoint was based on local area network. Some will say Box, but it doesn’t have open backend to plugin your own storage account. So if you have a SoftLayer Object Storage account and you need a team collaboration solution, what can you do?
Gladinet Team Edition filled this niche by providing a web based team collaboration solution with comprehensive access clients, based on SoftLayer Object Storage.
It is easy to sign up, go to and select Team Edition. At the next page select “Plugin my own cloud storage account” and select “Open Stack” since SoftLayer Object Storage is based on OpenStack.
In the next screen, you will need to get account information from SoftLayer Object Storage. The account information is located at, CLOUDLAYER->Storage->Object Storage.
After signup, you will be at the web based file explorer.

Manage Users

In a team, you will need users, you can manage users, even Active Directory users and add them to your account. (For Active Directory support, you will need to install Gladinet Cloud Server first). Each added user will have their own assigned home directory in the cloud, under an assigned sub-folder in the SoftLayer Object Storage account.

Publish Team Folder

The admin and delegate admin can create team folders from the admin’s web based file explorer.  You can create a brand-new team folder. You can also right-click a folder and turn an existing folder into a team folder.
Files under the team folder is automatically versioned. It is also possible to do distributed file locking on the files inside a team folder.

File & Folder Sharing

You can also give temporary read permission to someone outside the team. Traditionally you will zip a big folder and send through email. Now you can just right click a folder and do “Share”.

Native Clients

Everyone in the team account can download the native clients. A very important feature from native clients is to be able to seamlessly migrate a local folder to cloud. Thus changing the collaboration field from local storage to cloud storage.
If you have a SoftLayer Object Storage account, give it a try at

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