Folder and File Sharing with IBM SmartCloud Storage

The previous two articles discussed different access methods to your IBM SmartCloud Object Storage and Team Folder collaboration features. This article introduces the Folder and File Sharing feature with your IBM SmartCloud Storage.
Functionality wise, Folder and file sharing is similar to team folder collaboration. There are 3 major differences.
(1) Team folder is managed by administrator for the team; while Folder sharing is managed by each team member.
(2) Team folder can only be published to known team users; while folder sharing can be shared to external user on a read-only basis, in addition to sharing with internal team users.
(3) Team folder is always collaboration on a folder level; while folder and file sharing can share on a single file level.

Share a Folder or a File

There are two ways to share a folder or a file from the web browser user interface. You can hover over a file or folder and click the sharing button.
You c an also click into a folder and then click the “Sharing” button.

Team Member Receives Shared Items

When you share an item with a team member, the team member can login to Gladinet web portal and see the shared item under the “Files shared with me” folder.

External User Receives Shared Items

An external user will receive an email invitation for a shared item. When you open the item, it will show you an electronic delivery from Gladinet.
Once you open the shared item, it will show you the folder and files.
Remember, these files and folders are hosted in your own IBM SmartCloud Object Storage account. Isn’t that cool?
Go to to try it out yourself.

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