Cloud Storage: Who is Watching and Using?

In the age of cloud computing, who are the early adopters?

Is the desktop trending towards something simple like an iPad or a Chrome OS? Or is it trending towards Octa-Core/Windows 8/30’’ LCD super computing machine? Which kind of user benefits more from it, with cloud storage?

In last week’s statistics, 30% of the total Gladinet Cloud Desktop download were 64-bit downloads.  Overall 14% of the downloads are 64-bit.  Overall, 64-bit download from is around 20% (such as winrar).  In general, 64-bit machines are better equipped than 32-bit machines. This means Gladinet software is installed on more powerful machines.


Last month, 48% of the visits to is coming from Windows 7. This percentage is significantly higher than the Windows 7 Market share (16% – This means more users visit from windows 7.


Quote from Alexa Audience Snapshot: Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who are in the age range 25-34 and are graduate school educated.

From all these statistics, we can picture together Gladinet’s current user profile: Gladinet software is used more frequently by people

  • With more powerful machine
  • With later Windows OS
  • Age 25-34
  • Graduate school educated.

This is Gladinet’s most frequent user group, who are interested in cloud storage access solutions. They have power machines, leveraging the cloud storage for backup and sharing. This is the user group that are currently watching the evolution in the cloud storage and using it on a daily basis.


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