What’s New in Gladinet Cloud Desktop 2.3.432


Support bucket mounting in Amazon S3

In this release, users can directly mount an Amazon S3 bucket.
The advantages of mounting a bucket, instead of S3 as a whole include:

  • Support for all Amazon regions, including US, US West, Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • Can add files in the root of the mounted virtual directory, while Amazon S3 doesn't support files at the root level.
  • Less buckets to manage in Amazon S3

Support Dunkel Cloud Storage.

Dunkel is an Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage in Germany.

Support Converted Google Apps accounts

A new mount called Converted Google Apps Account is added. It can be used for those Google Apps accounts which have been converted to Google Docs.

For more details about Converted Google Apps account, please read this article.

Support Hebrew In Management Console

Support different international characters in Management Console.


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