Migrate FTP Server to Cloud Storage

If Cloud is anything to do with resources from the Internet, FTP servers were much earlier than the cloud as we know now, defined by Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, Windows Azure, AT&T Synaptic Storage and so on.

If you are using a FTP server for offsite backup or content share already, what makes you want to jump ship to the *real cloud*? 

Maybe it is because the 99.999999% durability and 99.99% availability from Amazon S3 is attractive, so you will never need to be concerned about FTP server crash, as the files are automatically replicated in the cloud.

Maybe it is because it is pay as you go so you pay for 1G if you only use 1G instead of paying for the 100G FTP server without using its full capacity.

Maybe it is because when the FTP server is almost full, it is another head ache to upgrade to a bigger server? But for cloud storage, it is never full, always ready to add more.

OK. You are convinced and now how to get it done? You will need a tool to be able to connect to both FTP Server and the cloud storage of your choice. Ideally with a drag and drop and forget, it is done when all the files are transferred. We recommend Gladinet Cloud Desktop to get the job done.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is capable of mounting both FTP and other cloud storage services into Windows Explorer as a mapped network drive.



Now you can drag and drop files from FTP Server into other cloud storage.




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