ABCD of Cloud Storage Solutions

If C in the middle of ABCD is the Cloud Storage, it is surrounded by A, B and Ds to form a cloud storage solution suite.


A is Access and Attach.  You need a solution to reach out to access cloud storage from local PC. You need a solution to attach and bring in cloud storage to your file server. You need AFS as in the Gladinet Cloud AFS to get the job done. It is a gateway solving the access and attach problem.

B is Backup. Offsite backup is a very popular use case for cloud storage. Full backup; incremental backup; full restore; selective restore. You need an offsite backup solution that can quickly backing up to the cloud storage and restore from it. You need Gladinet Cloud Backup. It is a turnkey backup solution for the cloud storage.

D is Desktop. Cloud is way high in the sky. Desktop is way low on the ground. Where the cloud meets the ground, it is a new horizon of cloud computing. The cloud storage needs to be delivered to user’s Desktop. The cloud storage solution will need to solve the desktop access problem and desktop backup problem.  You will need Gladinet Cloud Desktop to be part of the cloud solution suite.

In this picture of the ABCD, the A is the most important one, once the access and attach problem is solved, backup can be done through the gateway; desktop access can be done through the gateway too.  However, gateway is not the only solution. It needs to be complemented by turnkey backup solution and easy desktop client tools.

When you are looking for a cloud storage solution, check out the ABCDs to fit your different use cases.


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