Cloud Storage Access Solution

With the recent introduction of CloudAFS, Cloud Backup and Cloud Space products, they joined the long standing Gladinet Cloud Desktop to form a Cloud Storage Access Solution.

Cloud Storage is good but when people need it, they need it from the desktop and the file servers. Some would enjoy writing applications against the cloud storage API. Majority of the users still need a turnkey solution that they can point-and-click, drag-and-drop to use the cloud storage.

1. Gladinet Cloud Desktop – when you need desktop access to the cloud, with a mapped network drive and simple backup/sync features.

2. Gladinet CloudAFS – when your IT admin installs it on a file server and extend the file server with cloud storage.

3. Gladinet Cloud Backup – when you need a good backup/restore solution with multiple snapshots and volume shadow copy supports.

4. Gladinet Cloud Space – when you need to centrally manage your local storage and cloud storage from a portal within a web browser.

As usual, the solution suite supports Amazon S3, Windows Azure, AT&T Synaptic Storage, EMC Atmos Online, Nirvanix, Mezeo, Google Storage and many others that are waiting to be integrated.

The cloud is in the sky, the users are on the ground. As we put it on our download page: Where the clouds meet the ground, a new horizon of cloud computing appears.

Think about Cloud Access? Think about Gladinet!



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